How to make a Twitter background fit!

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This is a problem that many bands and people in general are encountering.  How to make a Twitter BG fit! With all the many resolutions and different laptop screens, it’s difficult to build a Twitter BG that everyone will see – or is it? After much searching for templates, I finally found a truly useful PSD which makes Twitter design easy as pie: It literally shows you where your design needs to fit for every possible screen resolution. The lesson learnt in this Free Twitter template is that one needs to design their BG to be able to fit even the smallest resolution sizes to be safe. If you keep your design close to the Twitter modules,  people will be able to see your information.

There is also a very clever link which shows you how your Twitter appears from various resolutions, just to be extra safe:

Here is BandMark’s top 5 tips to creating a successful Twitter Background

Twitter Background tip 1   Make sure your Twitter is designed with a proper resolution
Twitter Background tip 2  Make sure it is clear exactly who you are or what you do
Twitter Background tip 3  Have no more than 2 fonts and 3 corporate colors
Twitter Background tip 4  Do not tile the BG it looks amateur
Twitter Background tip 5
Have a few objective people give you their honest opinion

Here is an example of our Twitter Background and feel free to give us comments!

BandMark`s awesome Twitter!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it will really improve my use of twitter.

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