How to get liked on Facebook!

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So now that you have a  Facebook fan page you want it to be popular. You want MORE fans and you want MORE  likes. Well, there are many ways to grow this database but before we get into that, let’s first make sure you aren’t doing anything to scare your potential fans away with these top 3 no nos.

Tip #1 in Blocking facebook fans: Inviting people multiple times, especially via multiple admins who share common friends. Generally speaking, Facebook watermarks these people OFF the invite page but it doesn’t stop idiots from creating duplicate friend lists, double wall-ling etc…

Tip #2 in Blocking facebook fans:
Inviting people who are in a totally wrong target market. (don’t invite Young men to a page about anti-aging face cream…) Imagine you are invited to something you are totally not into…

Tip #3 in Blocking facebook fans:
Spamming your own newsfeed with too much “please join my page” info or posting on the walls of barely acquaintance people.

O.k so now that we got that straight let’s get to the good stuff. How are we going to get fans and likes?
Well there 5 ways and they all work, if done properly.

Tip #1 in how to get more facebook fans and likes: Invite your Facebook and non-FB friends, tell your neighbors, mention it at parties. Invite people in a personal way, don’t just spam the link around. Word of mouth works if you are sincere and non invasive. Include your facebook profile vanity URL to your business cards along with your Twitter and LinkedIn. All 3 are standard now for business cards!

Tip #1 in how to get more facebook fans and likes: Post on your profile weekly, not more. Your network will see and if they are interested they will join. You can post it on some key friends but don’t overdo it, especially in a small city or entourage. It looks tacky and shameless to wall every single mutual friend in a group. Nothing special about getting invited to a mass invitation.

Tip #3 in how to get more facebook fans and likes: Ask a few key friends or marketing partners to comment your posts, this draws more attention to them in newsfeeds. Enough likes and comments and they end up in the favored HIGHLIGHTS newsfeed section which is more effective than a Facebook AD! You can also ask friendly promoters to swap a promo with you. You can post up their page and they can post up yours. This actually works even better than posting up your own links. Compare both of these:

“Hey check out my new band page, it really rocks!

“Hey my good friend Jenny is the guitarist of this band, check them out they are really tight!” <— this one will get more attention, a friend referring a friend is more effective than you sending yourself flowers.

Tip #4 in how to get more facebook fans and likes: Add the like Widget and Facebook fan page badges on your other sites like MySpace, blogs, Official sites… to bridge back facebook traffic which has travelled to other parts of the web!

Tip #5 in how to get more facebook fans and likes: Create an Ad on Facebook and see if your click are turning into fans (a good ratio is 1 fan per 10 clicks or slightly less) You only get billed for clicks so if your Ad doesn’t pick up after a day or so – change the image or text, it’s not working. Also, people get bored easily and have a high capacity to ignore FB ads so switch them up a lot, make 4 ads but vary the images and text so people see them as new 😉

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    Metallica is the best band ever! get your asses up and go like their pg and listen to them!

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