Audio V-day gift? Fast Romantics

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The Fast Romantics has a little something for everyone, which is why we would put this retro-ish mod/indie band in the POP category if we had to pick one. Not because they are well suited for the top 10 at 10 but because they have a wide range of influences and really familiar catchy riffs.

Fast Romantics formed in Calgary, Canada. It was in the heat of an indie-rock dance party. It was really late at night and there may have been whiskey or beer involved, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they all decided to make music together, and thank goodness they did.  READ MORE.

Led by Matthew Angus, a cocky Scottish red head with dreamy Brit pop blue eyes, the groupies will likely be ladies.

The vocals are very Bowie meets Arcade Fire. The music is very tween TV  land which is why I am not surprised their music has appeared twice on TV shows.  For a mostly self-financed indie band – their lyrics are solid and their production value is far from mom’s basement… We think they have everything to really make it big in today’s music market place. They look good, they sound good, are raunchy and rebellious enough to capture the youthful indie boom and at the same time they aren’t offensive enough to be banned by parents or radio.

“Cool Kids” was featured on The Vampire Diaries
“How do you?” was featured on Pretty Little Liars

From Toronto? They have a pretty wicked tour right now called FAST ROMANTIC FEBRUARY where all you need to do is share your email for free tickets and their latest album! Got a music loving GF or BF? What better gift than taking them to one of their shows!

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