Faking Youtube views & Myspace plays

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As the old saying goes: Fake it til you make it! Is this ever true in our new internet world order, where you can be 100% fake 24/7 and absolutely no one will be the wiser.

Not happy to let their content speak for itself, some folk have started growing their Myspace plays and Youtube views by buying software to fraudulently increase them. Technically this goes against these sites’ Terms & Conditions, but is that really what’s up for debate here? 

You might think that buying plays and views seems harmless enough, but I say it’s just sort of sad. Like when an unpopular rich kids’ daddy has to pay other kids to befriend him. I know I wouldn’t want to be that kid, no matter how many plays and viewfriends I had in the end. Would you?

how many friends can i buy with this daddy?

how many friends can i buy with this daddy?

Besides, what if your band sucks? No matter how many “plays” you have, once you get on that stage and live fans realise you are not living up to your fake web rep, it’s gonna be a hard tumble down.

As for Youtube fakers, granted views might get you advertising revenues, and you can hide behind the faceless web and never have to face the real world with what they really think of your stuff. When you think about it, it’s only your conscience  you’ve got to lose.

Ahem… I am now stepping off my soapbox…

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