Equal opportunities at BandMark!

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My business partner thinks we need to hire some new employees this summer as we are starting to get super busy. When asked what kind of employees he prefers he said, “I don`t really care what gender, color, background  etc.. as long as they can speak English and are very web savvy.“

I placed each of this morning`s candidates on his desk for review! A nice variety of genders colors and backgrounds don`t you think? I feel that the long 80`s snake would make a nice sss-sales manager.

``Greetingsss I am your new Sssales manager``

“Greetingsss I am your new Sssales manager“

At BandMark we work hard, but life is fun so we play hard too! We suggest people decorate their co-workers desks right away with small stuffies as it:

    1. Increases office morale
    2. Breaks the day
    3. Reminds people how funny you are
    4. Makes an annoying mess for the co-worker
    5. Sometimes scares people i.e “what will she do to MY desk…“


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3 Responses to Equal opportunities at BandMark!

  1. Damien says:

    Hey ! The web got to stay original like you guys !
    Contact me if you need a soldier for BandMark.
    I got my stuffies collection ready.
    Look out for my new video coming up in two weeks
    on my http://www.damiengraphics.com
    see you soon ,i got accepted to the Campus Ubisoft school
    so i will be around your place in June,so i will come and say hello !

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Dam!!! yay for you and the Campus Ubisoft – amazing. You always find a cool path and ride the waves of life so smoothly. Montreal is a box of cereal right? Big kiss see u soon, didja go to NYC??

  2. derek says:

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