Does my band really need a TWITTER?

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With all this talk about Twitter, it’s hard to know who should get on the bandwagon or not. Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that anyone promoting anything on the web needs a TWITTER. A band most certainly needs one, as it is a fast way for fans to stay in touch via their cell phones plus its the fastest growing micro-blogging vehicle out there, with an expected growth of 300% by 2010. So what does all this involve, not much, its actually a relatively easy application to manage. Here are BandMark’s 5 easy steps to “How to Market Your Band using TWITTER”

How to Market Your Band using TWITTER

STEP  1 is Sign up for an account:  TWITTER SIGN UP

STEP 2 is get a basic design going, either pick a TWITTER theme, make one or use a template  2TWIT

STEP 3 is to designate someone in the band to start building it by manually adding (following people)

STEP 4 is to look into bands who have similar fanships and start following their fans

STEP 5 is to get some basic software to program advance tweets, manage followers, track urls there is tons

If you really want to get some crazy TWITTER marketing and have thousands of fans, you need to get someone on this part-time, because it will involve a few hours a week. BandMark can take care of this too, HERE.

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3 Responses to Does my band really need a TWITTER?

  1. Andre says:

    Dunx… check your English! Cool site though guys. Wishing you the best of luck!


    • Lee says:

      Hehe, my bad – I had to write all the first blogs cause Dunx n Ilz don’t know how to blog yet 😉 We don`t care if the blogs have typos and spelling problems, as long as people and more importantly Google can read them 😉 If u see problems in the menu site content, we`d like to know though…I heard u beautify sites? Not sure what that means, but it sounds sexy – we should have a meeting maybe.
      -Lee (Lisa)

  2. Incredible info&fine site.

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