Dirty dirty blondes | WARNING: Adult content and language

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The Internet has changed over the years. The search engines and the algorithms used in navigating people to the right content have evolved to deliver exactly what the enter button ordered via a set of advanced search filters that compare content against: Metas, titles, tags, keywords, SEO etc etc.. the problem? The filters are not human, they are bots. You know what hasn’t changed though? Horny guys like you ha! You came here hoping to see a very dirty girl, doing something sexy. You were sooo close, but Google or social media Failed you. You were hoping the word DIRTY was going to be a real money shot didn’t you. And as soon as you clicked or hit enter your mental archive of favorite past porn clips ignited! Lipstick lesbians fighting over 1 lucky cock (as if THAT ever happens in real life!) or some hot young barely legal girls gone wild having a gang bang with possibly the ugliest douche bag alive (as if THAT ever happens for free) or maybe it was more innocent than that- maybe it was just an amateur web cam desperate housewife MILF getting off for the thrill of some new male comments, while her Viagra crouton is at work – paying for her internet connection haha. Don’t be mad, I did bring you a bunch of celebrity and very dirty blondes :), it just happened to be a hair color this time and not some XXX free porn. What a keyword, let’s enjoy that just 1 last time. XXX free porn.

The bad news is that this blog is as hot as it gets, at least at BandMark. The good news? You don’t have to clear your internet history and you can turn your work speakers back up…


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