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Driven my Topspinmedia

Driven By Topspinmedia

What is Direct-To-Fan marketing? It is essential a way for musicians to sell music directly to their fans, skipping the middle men: Digital aggregators, publishers, sometimes even their label. It is a reaction to the forever changing face of the new music marketplace. There was a time when it was almost impossible to sell a record without a record deal, as the records monopolized for the most part the physical sales distribution channels. If you wanted in on all the store shelves, your best bet was to get a distribution deal. But then came the Internet, with its blurred highways and regulations and now everyone can talk to anyone. You don’t need a record deal to sell a song off your MySpace page, in fact you don’t even need a whole EP. Anyone can record an album, upload & sell via many of the Direct-To-Fan solutions out there.

So whats the catch? You need a lot of fans to actually make money. What is the expected ROI (Return-On-Investment?) That depends on how good you are your agency is at web marketing. The more fans you have – the more $ you will make on music, merch and shows, there is no arguing about that. TOPSPIN, provider of Direct-To-Fan solutions actually has a revenue potential calculator for its potential artists and it goes something like this:

If you have 100,000 music fans, 100,000 emails and 100,000 Google searches, you will be able to earn: 250,000 in 6 months from selling via this Direct-To-Fan platform, so they say. Who has those kind of numbers? METRIC, DAVID BYRNE AND BRIAN ENO, just to name a few TOPSPIN career artists. But what about those who dont have 100,000 fans just yet? Best to sell them off PayPall, use a vertical from or a free player like NIMBIT. In the meantime, invest in SMM (Social media marketing) its the fastest and least expensive way for you to get targeted fans who will want to buy your music.

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