Daily dose of David (Usher that is)

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David Usher in the Moist days

David Usher in the Moist days

How excited was I when I moved last summer and found out that one of my new neighbours was none other than David Usher! As a teen I was a big fan of Moist (loved that “Push” video!), but after their first album I must confess I lost track of them.

Then one sunny day, as I sat on my new balcony, I saw a familiar shape gently ambling down the street, pushing a baby stroller. At first I wasn’t sure- did I see what I thought I saw? Was that really David Usher? I asked my sources and found out he was indeed living in the hood. I thought seeing him might be a one off, but then I kept spotting the man, taking his kids for a walk, going to the corner pharmacy, having a drink at the local bar, etc.

I became obsessed with getting my Daily Dose of David. From a distance that is- I wouldn’t want you to think I am some sort of madly obsessed stalker! I guess I just get a kick out of having David Usher for a neighbour… So stay tuned to get your Daily Dose of David… New sightings will be posted every week!

Usher my neighbour

Usher my neighbour

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  1. Jenny says:

    OMG I love David Usher tooooooooo! I live in the plateau and I have also seen the sightings. He is still so grogeous and aging so well! I heard he is super nice too, does a lot of community stuff go David Usher my CCFL (Celebrity Crush For Life) <3

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