Chillin’ : Igloofest 2012 preview!

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Last year's Igloofest drew 60,000 tuques.You can’t enjoy Montreal without, on some level, enjoying the cold. From our much-beloved winter sports to our frosty fashion sense to the whited-out Nuits Blanche and Winter Carnivals, wintery weather is a vital and celebrated element of the local culture.

There’s no greater proof of that than Igloofest, a wild idea dreamed up by the brains behind Piknic Elektronic. Igloofest has come to Old Port every year since 2007, with a unique spin on the electronic music festival: it’s outdoors, at night, dead in the middle of January, right by the wind-tossed water at Jacques-Cartier Quay. Igloofest runs from January 12 (tonight!) to 28 over three weekends.

Named for the igloos dotting the quay, where revelers can seek shelter from extreme weather, Igloofest is the electronic music event of the season. Outsiders think it’s crazy, but Montrealers wouldn’t have it any other way: Igloofest has grown exponentially each year and now boasts over 65,000 visitors over its three-weekend run. If the novelty of dancing up a sweat at -25 temperatures doesn’t entice you, or you don’t have a wild neon onesie to impress the judges of Igloofest’s hilarious snowsuit competition, then just get a load of the DJs at Igloofest’s site. Igloofest 2012 will feature some of the finest electronic music luminaries in the world.

For starters, this year’s fest brings in UK’s dubstep pioneer Mala (of Digital Mystiks), Portuguese kuduro purveyors Buraka Som Sistema, many-monikered American house-EBM oddball Curtis Jones (here appearing as Green Velvet), Juno award-winning Montreal rave beast and professional VHS retro-ironist Tiga, London house heartbreaker Maya Jane Coles… there’s a sound for electronic fans of all stripes. And who knows? The next top Igloofest DJ might be one of us.

The first course of the event begins tonight! Tickets for a night are $15, with a festival pass going for only $60. Yeah, you know you’ll check it out. Just don’t forget to zip up your parka; it’s already minus ten and dropping…

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13 Responses to Chillin’ : Igloofest 2012 preview!

  1. Lee says:

    Another killer event coverage blog from our awesome Jordan!!!

  2. Kristy T says:

    A $15 rockin fest. It’s gonna be wild! Cheers.

  3. Tim says:

    Great Post!! Igloofest… pump up the volume!

  4. Tif says:

    Can’t wait… my girlfriends and I are gonna go crazy at this event. See ya there <3

  5. George Schwartz says:

    Great insight Dunc!

  6. Edward Cox says:

    Let’s see if they can break the 60K attendance mark this year 🙂

  7. Patricia Parker says:

    they’re predicting more actually!

  8. Zertashia Masood says:


  9. John Brown says:

    Green Velvet… stomp the winter out!

  10. Mitchell Stevens says:

    Portuguese kuduro purveyors Buraka Som Sistema… like the sound of that!

  11. Helen Baker says:

    Big up Montreal!

  12. Linda Rose says:

    Great site guys

  13. Nancy Harper says:


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