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Now first of all, in this business partnership (Me and Duncan) I’m not the wire head.  Although I like house music, electronica and Cafe Del Mar style lounge, I have never been one for the more experimental sounds of the sub-genre world of  minimal noise, so take my review with the required grains of salt.

At first, I was confused and was wondering if the opening shows (WOMEN WITH KITCHENS & TRISTAN PERICH) were part of MUTEK’S sort of perma installations in @ the S.A.T?! Nothing to write home about here :/ (no offense to the artists) but this pretentious overly minimal hipster shizit is really not my thing and I honestly didn’t see too many happy faces (many stoned ones) in the crowds of those who truly appreciate this “genre”! I mayhave had had a more meaningful experience, hitting my iphone on the side of my head to traffic lights!

I’m no expert in what I think is called: Glitch, Noise or industrial sound collages, but I do know it was hard to tell the difference between those first 2 acts which is probably a sign that the productions were not very unique..  I have no idea what I was experiencing in terms of mediums but I can tell you how it felt! It felt like I was staring at a broken TV looping between it’s half channels and hearing a screwed up radio signal on a country road.  I would have had to be high out of my tree to enjoy this realistically and even then I may have had a more meaningful time hitting my iphone on the side of my head to the  traffic light tempo outside!

So that’s the bad part of my night. I don’t think my business partner who is VERY into electronic music was happy either.. judging from his immediate solution to go get a drink at the bar within seconds of the show! There, so now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff…  In this case, the hard work of enduring the opening acts came with a very fruitful reward called SCULPTURE

Since Amon Tobin was nothing new for me, I wanted to check out a show that was. SCULPTURE was all that MUTEK promises to be. Original, cutting edge, mind warping multi-media. The synchronization of visual medium to audio was nothing short of genius. The technique alone was this, best described below in this MUTEK showcase:

home-made zoetropic discs – slabs of vinyl illustrated with otherworldly patterns that they play at various speeds and film to create simultaneous cycles of analogue sound and looping, mind-melting imagery.

Every single audio piece was a match made in heaven for the multi-screen visual. The most enjoyable example of this, I felt, was when very basic star shapes were slowly appearing on the screens (The ones made with 1 solid line which have very wide points, typical of star tats) as soon as we started seeing these slowly spin into frame, a super pleasant and lullabye-esque chime was being mixed into very hard beats. Almost like Tinkerbelle meets drum & bass. Very cool. VERY. COOL.

What I really liked about this show, was that even though the music was by proper definition probably Experimental, there was method in this madness, some kind of journey in this chaos.

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