BandMark Obama FB app viral!

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On April 29th, Barack Obama will have been in the White House for 100 days. Like clockwork, the DC punditry will pull out the scorecards and offer their “expert” opinions and performance evaluations.

All of us at & SS+K think that this is a tired, old DC tradition. BUT, we are also blown away by the amazing accomplishments of President Obama’s new administration.

So, we decided to do our part by injecting a little SS+K creativity into a time-honored and arbitrary tradition. They’ve created and launched a Facebook Application designed to promote President Obama’s historic accomplishments and give a voice to 200 million Facebook users worldwide.

Please take a look and feel free to spread it far and wide: Vote on President Obama’s First 100 Days

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  1. I must say great article and well thought of as some articles on this topic are the same but this was a good solid read!

  2. Swine Flu says:

    Great post! I read your other posts as well and I subscribed to your RSS Feed!

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