Marketing musicians in ’76

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Before the advent of computers, marketing bands was all off-line. The term on-line didn’t even exist and “New Media” meant PRISM launched a new TV signal! The only way we knew how to market  musicians was with our trusty  traditional media vehicles at the time. (Radio, TV, Posters, Newspaper).

We are 1976, the phrase “Junk Food” enters the English language, Stephen Jobs becomes the founder of the soon to be APPLE computer empire and The Sex Pistols hits America.  While all this is happening BandMark has bought a new filing system to better organize their clients, have purchased a new ceiling fan to endure the hot Cali Summer  and Tucker  is the senior consultant and Reputation manager of the firm.  As we can see below, he is going over the scandalous PRESS of a folk rock singer from California, as he puffs his WINSTON fag. (That’s right, fag was a cigarette and not the derogatory slang for a homosexual man in 1976).

"I'll have someone run those offer Kate"

“I’ll have someone run those over Kate”

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3 Responses to Marketing musicians in ’76

  1. sinclaire says:

    Too cool!!! I think Tucks needs to wear his pimpin 70’s outfit at ALL TIMES.

    Don’t forget, 76 was also the awesome year yours truly was born… 😉

  2. ecigfan says:

    Electronic cigarettes are the best, they really help me to quit smoking.

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