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Oh yeah I make groovy flyers!

Oh yeah I make groovy flyers!

It is not uncommon for people to think that using someone in their band to do the marketing is a good idea. In general, a lot of people want to do their own marketing in various industries, but generally fail to accomplish anything decent, unless they are a natural or have studied it.

Another obstacle is that it is often hard to market your own art, without being objective and knowing what OTHER people want. Most artists are too self involved to be able to position their image effectively without thinking too much about what THEY want their fans to GET as opposed to what their fans are asking them to GIVE.

Bands also often feel that marketing is the last area of investments.  They tend to spend their money on better and better equipment, and put a lot of urgent marketing need on the back burner when in reality, their fans don’t notice the difference between their new Stratocaster and their old one.

Investing in your band’s marketing is a lot cheaper than one may think too. and I have created a simple formula, to show bands how quickly they can afford their marketing by budgeting differently. Let’s assume that you are in a band of 4, since most bands have at least 4 players. We will also assume that everyone is participating in the success of the band and is investing equally.  Let’s look at 1 month of saving up:

4 members save up just 10$ of their income – (YES, even if you are broke you can save up 10% its a fact)
Even if you earn 1,000 a month – this means $100 per member =$400
$400 over 3 months is $1,200 which is a decent budget for an on-line marketing boost

Here is what you could get with even less than $1,200 and up to $1,200 with BandMark’s Band Marketing Social media menu:

Your total is $946 – you’d still have money left over for emergencies 😉

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  3. Kelly Brown says:

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  4. JaneRadriges says:

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  5. Archer says: – В этом что-то есть. Понятно, благодарю за помощь в этом вопросе.

  6. Aspire says:

    Подскажите мне пожалуйста, где я могу об этом прочитать?

  7. Lee says:

    Hi guys, thank you so much for you description of services, this will be so helpful to our indie bands. Both companies are really great resources to have both TuneCore and CDBaby and a lot of our clients use them both 😀

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  12. Yablochniks says:

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  15. CrisBetewsky says:

    It’s a masterpiece. I have never thought people can have such ideas and thoughts. You are great.

  16. Thea Elijah says:

    I love that picture of the guy trying to make a flyer! And I am looking for permission it use it in a project. Is it yours, or can you tell me where you got it? thanks–
    Thea Elijah

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