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Best Kept MTL is a lifestyle website based out of Montreal whose prime focus is music and other vices. Culture and discovery rich, BKM aims to give it’s audience best kept secrets, giveaways and festival coverage. Got a best kept secret? SHHare it secrets@bkm.com




There's no biz like show biz for Alistar. Always on the look out for society's movers & shakers, discovering their latest ventures. Signature move: delivering short & concise content for your reading pleasure.



Creative director who loves good food, ALL pugs, music over sleep & who does all of her thinking outside of THIS box 😉


Ceilidh Michelle

“The real question is what to live for. And I can't answer it. Except another one of your records. And another chance for me to write."
-Lester Bangs.

Ceilidh Michelle is a musician and writer based out of Montreal. She likes to provoke your thoughts, make music, and challenge anyone who takes life too seriously.

Riley James

"Where words leave off, music begins" -- Heinrich Heine --
Riley James is a Winnipeg-raised music writer. An avid Rihanna fan, shameless Britney Spears enthusiast, self-proclaimed pop music expert & lover of all things 90's. Montreal has been his incubator to grow with the amazing culture, arts and entertainment in this fabulous city.


Jamie Frank

Born and raised in Montreal, Jamie Frank has seen the world through the lens of camera ever since his father handed him his old Nikon 20/20 over two decades ago.
As an passionate traveler, Jamie has always sought to portray the true emotion, the hidden spirit of the places he visits.
Capturing the human condition at its most vulnerable creates not only an emotional connection with the viewer, but also, if only subconsciously, a unification as one people sharing commonalities that transcends the self-imposed divisions of faith, culture and nationality.


Anne Jano

Passionate and focused on the arts and cultural scene, driven by innovative ideas - Anne is a curious individual, keen traveler, lover of the arts and spirited philanthropist.