If you hear a rumbling bass drone in the foundations of your Montreal residence this week, don’t be afraid — it’s not a space-time rift or even the city’s perpetual construction projects (this time), it’s just the powerhouse electronics of the 13th annual MUTEK! And if you hear thousands of explosions in the distance, that’ll be the sound of everyone’s minds being blown by a full week of cutting-edge electronic music and digital arts courtesy of MUTEK and the International Cities for Advanced Sound conference hosted at the festival.

MUTEK is billed as an “International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music” with a special — but not exclusive — focus on Canadian digital culture and music. This year’s impressive roster of MUTEK mutants includes Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills and UK dubstep pioneer Shackleton (don’t let the genre name fool you — these deep and subtle rhythms are a far cry from the digital arena-rock of Skrillex and his ilk).

One highlight of the fest is sure to be a mindbender for fans of the avant-garde, as Montreal-local ambient wunderkind Tim Hecker and doom-metal stalwart Sun 0)))‘s Stephen O’Malley go rig-to-rig in a massive collaboration at St. James United Church. What’ll they call this joint project, I wonder? Watch the Drone?

Full festival passes cost $228.70 (after tax / fees) while weekend passes are $130.97, and the shows take place in multiple locations around Montreal. Check out the guide at MUTEK’s site.  We’re certain it’ll all add up to yet another must-see event in a long line of MUTEK’s future-forward festivals. Check out our coverage of last year’s MUTEK if you don’t believe it!